Leadership Team

Our Leadership team consists of individuals who are retired law enforcement, private investigation and professional security specialist who are experts in conducting research, integration, and the process of systems in the field of professional security services.

Clifford Glass

President – CEO

A graduate of Westminster College Salt Lake City Utah with over 12 years experience in the restaurant business as a Manager, Supervisor, District Manager and Owner, 20 years experience in Security and 15 years in Janitorial to include Janitor University 2004 diploma. Begin security as a site manager with 16 officers working to include 4 supervisors, created policies and procedures, ran operation, sales and help create a system call C.A.R.E. System in which clients interact with the system daily if needed, promoted to account manager of Los Angeles and manage over 200 employees, after several years eventually becoming the Regional Vice President of the Western Region in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Texas manager over 2,000 employees. In 2007 started his own security and janitor company, role as President-CEO and certified through the Department Of Justice Fingerprinting Rolling.

Juan Cuevas


A graduate of San Diego State University with over 26 years experience in Security and 19 years in Janitorial to include Janitor University 2005 diploma. Has work in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Executive Operations & efficiency in many diverse industries at an executive level. This has allowed him to develop cross functional knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of different industries and how they work best. Starting his career in the Security Industry trenches for a 1.5-years before being promoted to Area Manager running over 350 officers and 155 janitors province wide, has 24.5 years as Area Manager and Director of Operations. Juan prefers to be out in the field meeting clients face to face and building that important business relationship between company and client. The customer & employee always come first with Juan. His years of working have allowed Juan to gain important insight into International Business procedures, and different Business cultures, allowing him to breach the gap between ethnicities. In 2007Juan brought his talent and knowledge to SMS to help create a new company. Juan is licensed Private Patrol Operator through California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), certified through the Department Of Justice Fingerprinting Rolling (LIVESCAN) and currently studying to become a certified Security Industry CPP.