SMS Training Programs

SMS recognizes that in order to hire and maintain the best security guards it is important that in addition to the professional uniforms and state of the art equipment that our personnel is properly trained. We are BSIS certified to provide a range of training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner. A well trained, professional employee is a must in our company and an added level of confidence for our clients.

Course Description

Patrol Tactics (Security 101)

This course will cover the field procedures and techniques on how to safely and efficiently patrol on foot or in a vehicle.  Subjects such as “spatial awareness”, night patrol techniques, flashlight discipline, observations skills, and random patrol patterns.

Police Liaison

This course will cover how to professionally and appropriately interact with Law Enforcement officials during an emergency or crisis.

Security Technology

This course discuss company used technology as well as best in practice

Basic Leadership Principles

This course covers the basic principle of leadership
and introduces 5 Level Leadership concept.

Basic Leadership Principles

This course covers the basic principle of leadership
and introduces 5 Level Leadership concept.

Social Engineering

This course discusses the fundamentals of identifying communications that are geared towards getting specific information from security personnel.

Conflict Resolution

The course shows security personnel how to
handle conflicts in a courteous and professional manner.  This course focuses on communication
styles, behavior signs, redirecting non-positive
behavior, and de-escalation techniques.

Assault Safety Training

The course is designed to assist security personnel
with a means of identification and appropriate
response to potentially assaultive behavior and situations.

This training support the emphasis of self-control, assessment skills, verbal crisis communication, and maintaining “spatial awareness” utilizing the 21-foot rule.

Active Shooter Training

This course focuses on security personnel the proper active shooter training, planning, and preparation to help reduce the probability of an active-shooter event in the workplace.

Civil & Criminal Law

Security personnel to learn to identify the basic elements of a crime and the defenses against
criminal charges due to poor security training and responses. 

Five Star Customer Service

This course teaches our security personnel the 5
keys to 5 Star Customer Service.

BSIS Recertification

The BSIS Certified refresher training course is a comprehensive course that covers a wide variety of topics, and meets the BSIS annual training requirements. 

Basic First Aid/CPR

This course meets the American Red Cross
guidelines for First Aid Programs and combines
lecture, interactive video and demonstrations
featuring emergency scenarios that gives
security personnel hands-on training to learn
lifesaving skills.


  Follow law ordinance, wear face mask, maintain safe distance, disinfect