Vehicle Patrol

Our Mobile Patrol Division utilizes trained officers who ensure a client’s property is secure by providing continuous checks of the subject property. Roving vehicle patrols provide the perception of security that often deters crime and thus a safe secure environment. To ensure vehicle patrol’s effectiveness, SMS has implemented to their patrol fleet an accountability and communications system to ensure the patrols visits are performed in a systematic manner and as contracted by the client. A detail report of the property’s status is relayed in real time to our customer. Services includes:

Standard Patrol

  • Patrol the premises
  • Patrol Common Areas within the complex/development
  • Report obvious safety hazards
  • Deter potential criminal activity
  • Observe and report obvious property damage

Customize Patrol

  • Building Floor Checks
  • Time specific lock/unlocks
  • Alarm Responses
  • Tenant Response Calls

Parking Enforcement

  • Enforcement of Community Parking Rules
  • Vehicle Citation Warnings
  • Parking Enforcement Reports